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Growing up, we often fantasize about what our own, personal dream home would be like. As adults, we still visualize a dream house, but the dynamics often change quite a bit. Luxury Home Builders Calgary has a dream too… to incorporate the designs of your dream house and make it into a reality.
A custom home is exactly what is says it is, customized to fit the needs, wants or desires of the person that dreamed it. Our professional builders and associates here at Luxury Home Builders Calgary take the perspective new home owners ideas and then create a blue print incorporating those space and design ideas. When all is agreed upon, we get to work building that dream home into a solid, comfortable living space.

Good communication between the customer who commissioned the build and the builder is of the utmost importance during both the planning and building stages. Luxury Home Builders Calgary takes great pride in their quality customer service. Our professionals will listen to the customer’s ideas, thoughts, and plans and then start our three step process to insure the designer gets what they want.

Where will the home be built and what is the zoning preference? The Luxury Home Builders Calgary process begins with the Pre-build, aka preparations, design and last, but not least, the final construction process. The location, size and purpose are established, then the details get filled in. Things like bedrooms, entertainment areas, guest rooms, designer bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. It is important to know about the utilities in order to place everything in the right locations during the building process.

Luxury Home Builders Calgary’s design process will include each and every aspect of the custom home. This will include the outer architectural supplies like bricks, siding, creek stone, etc. and the interior structure including insulation, drywall, baseboards, crown molding, marble, hardwood, etc. etc. There will be a total of three material categories, external, interior and exterior. Once all the details are in place on paper, the contractors can get the necessary permits to start the building process.

When Luxury Home Builders Calgary has the needed permits to start building, the work of turning the customers dream house into a real home begins. At this point, the time comes to confirm material and labor cost estimates and insure everything fits into the budget. Once that is accomplished, the construction workers, architects and builders, become as busy as bees in spring, laying the foundation for the new home.

The Luxury Home Builders Calgary team will start by preparing the area for the foundation of your home and pouring the foundation. The waiting home owner will then find themselves in constant contact with the Lead contractors on the job. Any changes, issues or complications must be presented to the owner prior for authorization.

Homeowners will be gazing at the dream house in no time thanks to Luxury Home Builders Calgary. Our teams of architectural and building experts have been making dream homes a reality for years and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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