How New Custom Homes are Saving Their Owners Money

Many homeowners view having new custom homes built as a kind of luxury– the luxury of being able to have your own space, built to your specifications. A custom home is more than just a living space, however. If it is well designed and executed, it can even help ease its owners’ financial burden.

Custom Houses Lower Utility Bills

Typical suburban homes are designed to go up quickly and easily, while matching the aesthetic of the other houses in their neighborhood. New custom homes can be built to take advantage of the natural features of a neighborhood, which may help reduce utility bills in the long run.

For example, most people in the northern hemisphere find that southward-facing windows get the most natural sunlight. That can reduce winter heating bills by allowing families to take advantage of natural solar heat during the day.

Custom Houses Can be Less Expensive to Keep Clean

Most older houses were built with aesthetics as the primary consideration. That means that they might look nice, but they can be absolute murder to clean and maintain. Features like heavily textured ceilings attract dust, awkwardly designed kitchens make it difficult to clean up spills, and some flooring or countertops require expensive cleaners.

New custom homes can be designed with more cleanliness and efficiency considerations in mind. The right materials and construction can help cut down on the time and expense it takes to clean and maintain a house by a considerable margin.

Custom Houses Save You from Expensive HOAs

Home Owners’ Associations are a godsend for some, and a nightmare for others. They collect dues to maintain the neighborhood, but impose strict rules on what homeowners are allowed to do with their properties. Many people find that HOAs are more expense than they’re worth, and that the limits imposed on what they can and can’t do with their homes can end up costing them money in the long run.

As a rule, HOAs come part-and-parcel with subdivisions full of virtually identical houses. Custom homes aren’t bound by HOAs. Owners can do as they like with their homes and yards, and don’t owe any dues to anyone.

Custom Houses Can Help Avoid Costly Repairs

It’s common for older houses to turn into money pits with time. Many very beautiful old homes are virtual nightmares of black mold, water damage, and worse. Creating a custom home alongside a builder that knows an area well is a great way to save money on expensive repairs over time.

For example, areas with high humidity need good ventilation. Humidity, darkness, and water leaks all encourage the growth of toxic mold. A custom home can avoid this by having the right mold prevention strategies incorporated into the design.

If you’re considering a custom home for yourself or your family, look at it as a money-saver as well as an investment. Not only will it be an asset for you, it will help keep you from wasting money on home maintenance, cleaning, and remediation.