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How To Create a Custom Home Wish List

You know the whole saying I fell in love at first sight.  Well, that can often be true with many custom home buyers.  Many people believe they will identify that perfect home the first glance they set eyes on it. While others would prefer a more precise, calculated, and budgeted approach.  This is where a simple wish list can be created to help custom home buyers through the process of finding that dream home that fits their lifestyle.

For example, when you’re going grocery shopping you usually take a list to help you narrow down the specific items that are needed before you go purchasing.  We do this for many reasons, but the two most popular reasons are as following:

  1. No to forget the exact item that is needed.
  2. The list it to keep you focused on what your actually need and not waste time shopping for all the different and extra goodies that are being thrown your way as you shop through the aisles.

With this in mind, this is why we are suggesting creating an ultimate wish list to help you through the process of a Calgary custom home builder.  Though before you get too carried away with your list here are a few suggestions to keep in mind.

Do Your Homework
Make sure your doing your research, ask around (friends and family), and always ask the experts.  Go around and figure out some of the good, the bad, and the ugly from other home owners and even custom home buyers. Always remember that this is your and it must fit your lifestyle, but don’t forget about trends around the area.

Know your design
Make sure you fully excited about the feel and design that your new custom home will give you and everyone walking through it.  Having that not so great design gives off that not so create experience. Having the design you’re wanting and needing gives you a life time of future memories.

Plan for future
Remember that home styles, design, and even custom building continue to change through the years so keeping the future in mind is very important.  So make sure your thinking about future possibilities that your new Calgary custom home builder has to offer to keep your new custom house still as popular as it is now 10 to 20 years down the road.

Now that you have the tools necessary to create your wish list and to help you refine your choices in helping you create the new custom dream house meeting all your criteria.  The sooner you start building with Calgary home builders the sooner you can start living your wish list out through that dream home.

Building A Custom Home–Things To Keep In Mind

Building a custom home may just be one of the most exciting events in any homeowner’s life, but it isn’t all smooth sailing! Like any other construction project, building a custom home will involve a great deal of planning and forethought, not to mention adherence to a few important requirements.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of details to consider with custom home design and construction, again just as it is with other construction projects. Some of the most important concerns you will have to deal with are conformance to local building codes and the realization that some things may not work out exactly as you had planned.

No construction project should be undertaken without regard for local building codes. When hiring designers and contractors, you should make absolutely certain that the people you are hiring are well-versed with all the requirements for building a home in your locale. The best way to ensure this is by hiring totally reliable personnel who come to you with recommendations from people that you know and absolutely trust. By doing so, you will almost automatically be able to weed out the incompetent personnel from those who you are reasonably sure will do the right thing.

It would also help to hire personnel that can show you a verifiable record of successfully completed projects. If the architect or general contractor you hire can present you with a list of buildings that are still standing–and that you can inspect for yourself–there is a good chance that he knows about conforming to local building codes. Furthermore, he will be more likely to be able to help you build a structure that conforms to local codes as well.

As much as you want your custom home to be designed and built according to your exact specifications, there will inevitably be some areas where you will have to give in a little due to structural considerations or the need to conform to local building codes. By hiring a competent designer and general contractor, you can ensure that any compromises will not adversely affect your vision to a considerable degree.

Building A Custom Home – The Key Steps

Building a custom home is something that many homeowners aspire towards, and it is often the culmination of months and even years of planning. The process varies from project to project, but there are some common steps that owners and builders undergo.

Assuming that the location has already been decided and financing has already been secured, the first important step is developing a plan. If the house is to be built in conjunction with a developer, the blueprints may be based on a combination of your original plans plus structural modifications suggested by the developer. The firm you are working with may also be able to provide you with template plans that you can then modify and/or adapt to your needs as you see fit. You may also opt to hire a third-party designer who will draw up a plan from scratch based on your specifications.

It is important to at least inform your custom home builder of your budget or at least its general range. Custom home construction almost always exceeds cost expectations, so you will want ample warning before you bottom out. Any recommendations that the builders make will therefore always consider the bottom-line. This will also enable the builder to make an appropriate proposal based on your specifications and your budget range.

You will have to meet with the builders at some point of course. A sit-down will enable you to discuss the plan in detail, along with the specifics of any features you may want to add or changes you may want to make. This process may require more than one meeting, as all the details of the project will need to be discussed in order to ensure the successful completion of the home.

After meeting with the client, the builder will then prepare the proposal. This will include the cost estimate of the project, the length of time in which it will be completed, and so on. Preparing the proposal can take several weeks, and it may undergo a few revisions. Once the proposal has been approved by the client, the contract can be drawn up.

The next step of the process is to actually sign the contract, which will signify that everything in the proposal is in order. The contract essentially protects the client from going over budget or beyond the timetable, and also protects the developer from possible disputes about work that was done–or not done–as the case may be.

The final step is the actual construction of the house. This itself can take several months, and the owner may also have to specify finishing touches as well. If all goes according to the approved plans and proposal, the custom home will be ready for occupancy at the agreed upon date.

Common Mistakes In Any Home Customization Project

The typical house is built with standard features that are appealing to the widest audience of people at the time it is built. This, however, can make your home devoid the of character and charm that many customized homes have. Home customization, however, can take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. There can be unanticipated surprises and less than perfect outcomes. The key is to plan in advance and be careful about the extent of the customization projects you undertake. Here are some common mistakes that many homeowners make when determining what customizations to add to a new home.

1) Planning Too Many Projects at One Time – If you plan too many projects at once, you will not be able to oversee any of them to the extent you may wish. If you are a do-it-yourself home renovator, you may find it more difficult than you expected to complete all of the projects within a deadline, especially if you have a full-time job. Factor in the amount of time you will be giving to carry out projects to your total calculation of a project’s cost. Another reason not to try too much at once is that if multiple projects go over budget, you may end up spending far more than you expected. Add 20 percent to the total cost of projects, cognizant that your projects may go over budget.

2) Following the Trends – While the homes you see on home remodeling shows may feature trendy open shelving, basin sinks, or neon-colored kitchen appliances, it may not be a good idea to customize your home with these “trendy” items. In less than five years, they may look as dated as the wood paneling in your parents’ basement. Invest in the classics, picking and choosing styles and colors that you will be happy with year after year. It will make it much easier to sell your house in the future if you have customized your home with materials that will never go out of style.

3) Misjudging Space – While that family room may look empty right now, if you plan on installing a customized bar or fireplace, you may find that the room is smaller than it appeared at first. Make sure the scale of your customization projects goes with the size of your house. It is better to have too much space than to have too little. Use computer programs to create 3D mockups of what the room will look like when the project is completed before proceeding further.

4) Not Doing Research Online – The home remodeling craze is infectious on the internet. You can follow the social media pages of home customization blogs on multiple social networks for a daily showcase of unique and interesting home customizations. Entire websites exist so that people can find the home renovation tailored for their individual needs. Having more information when you plan out your project makes it less likely that you will regret it later.

How New Custom Homes are Saving Their Owners Money

Many homeowners view having new custom homes built as a kind of luxury– the luxury of being able to have your own space, built to your specifications. A custom home is more than just a living space, however. If it is well designed and executed, it can even help ease its owners’ financial burden.

Custom Houses Lower Utility Bills

Typical suburban homes are designed to go up quickly and easily, while matching the aesthetic of the other houses in their neighborhood. New custom homes can be built to take advantage of the natural features of a neighborhood, which may help reduce utility bills in the long run.

For example, most people in the northern hemisphere find that southward-facing windows get the most natural sunlight. That can reduce winter heating bills by allowing families to take advantage of natural solar heat during the day.

Custom Houses Can be Less Expensive to Keep Clean

Most older houses were built with aesthetics as the primary consideration. That means that they might look nice, but they can be absolute murder to clean and maintain. Features like heavily textured ceilings attract dust, awkwardly designed kitchens make it difficult to clean up spills, and some flooring or countertops require expensive cleaners.

New custom homes can be designed with more cleanliness and efficiency considerations in mind. The right materials and construction can help cut down on the time and expense it takes to clean and maintain a house by a considerable margin.

Custom Houses Save You from Expensive HOAs

Home Owners’ Associations are a godsend for some, and a nightmare for others. They collect dues to maintain the neighborhood, but impose strict rules on what homeowners are allowed to do with their properties. Many people find that HOAs are more expense than they’re worth, and that the limits imposed on what they can and can’t do with their homes can end up costing them money in the long run.

As a rule, HOAs come part-and-parcel with subdivisions full of virtually identical houses. Custom homes aren’t bound by HOAs. Owners can do as they like with their homes and yards, and don’t owe any dues to anyone.

Custom Houses Can Help Avoid Costly Repairs

It’s common for older houses to turn into money pits with time. Many very beautiful old homes are virtual nightmares of black mold, water damage, and worse. Creating a custom home alongside a builder that knows an area well is a great way to save money on expensive repairs over time.

For example, areas with high humidity need good ventilation. Humidity, darkness, and water leaks all encourage the growth of toxic mold. A custom home can avoid this by having the right mold prevention strategies incorporated into the design.

If you’re considering a custom home for yourself or your family, look at it as a money-saver as well as an investment. Not only will it be an asset for you, it will help keep you from wasting money on home maintenance, cleaning, and remediation.

Helpful Advice For Custom Home Builders Calgary

Are you thinking about having a custom home designed and built for your new home purchase? If so, then this can be a great idea. After all, why spend all of your precious time looking for the home that is right for you when you can have your dream home created and built from the ground up? From there, you can enjoy having everything you have ever wanted in a home while also being able to enjoy the peace of mind in having a home with new construction and plenty of warranties. Still, before you make the decision to break ground on a custom home, there are some considerations you should ponder.

The first thing to consider is the location where you would like the home to be built. After all, finding the necessary land can be half the battle. This is especially true if you are very particular as to where you want your home to be located. Be sure to seek help or advice from a real estate agent at any point if you have trouble finding property on which to build.

From there, be sure to get an idea as to how much space you are going to need. It can sometimes be helpful to start by considering the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you will want in the new home. From there, think about other spaces that you may want to have, such as a game room or family room. Having an idea as to how much square footage you will need can make it easier for you to find land in the first place.

Finally, consider the specific features and “must-haves” that you want in your home. This can include anything from a swimming pool in the back yard to fireplace in your living room. By simply knowing what you want, you can make the process much easier.

How to Find A Great Custom Home Builders Calgary

Have you recently decided to have a home custom built? If so, then you are likely quite excited to see the end result and to finally have the house of your dreams. However, there are many steps that you will need to follow along the way to ensure that you end up with a custom home that you will love. One of the most important aspects of getting a quality custom home is finding the right home builder for the job.

So what steps should you follow in order to find a great custom home builder to take on your project? For starters, it is a good idea to do a search online to simply determine which companies and contractors are available in your area that specialize in custom home building.

Of course, before you even begin to make a decision regarding any of these options, it is a smart idea to do some research into each possible company. The Internet can be a great place to read real reviews from people just like you who have used the company’s services in the past, so you may want to consider reading some of those as a way of helping you to make your decision.

Furthermore, you should contact the few companies that you narrow it down to as a way of getting a better feel for what they have to offer. In speaking with the company, consider asking to schedule an appointment with the home builders themselves or even requesting an estimate for the cost of their services. By doing this, you can gather information that you will need in order to make the right decision.

Finally, never hire any contractor or custom home building company without first obtaining proof that they have a comprehensive insurance protection policy in place.

An Informative Guide to Working With Calgary Custom Home Builders

If you are one of the lucky ones having a custom home built, you want nothing more than to have your dreams become reality.  If what you picture in your mind doesn’t come to pass when the home is completed, the frustration and disappointment can be overwhelming.  To help ensure this doesn’t happen, it’s wise to consider several different factors as the process begins and continues.

As with most things in life, budget is a factor when having a custom home built.  It is a factor that could derail the whole project or make all of your dreams come true.  It’s always wise to consider the budget before you actually move onto any other steps, because then you will know what you can and can’t do as you negotiate and plan with the custom home builders.

The location of your custom home build is also a big consideration that will affect the size of your home, and your lifestyle once you move in.  Naturally, you want to be in an area and a neighbourhood that suits you likes and dislikes and makes you happy.  And everyone knows that location is the one thing that you can’t change, so consider this factor very carefully.

The amount of space and square footage that’s available for the home is one of the big factors that must be considered before custom home builders can get to work.  The amount of space will play a role in determining the floor plan and the layout of the finished house.  The amount of space can mean the difference between building up or spreading it all out on one floor.

The plan for the exterior of your home is another factor you want to consider.  The last thing you want is one of those cookie cutter type homes that looks the same as all the rest from the outside.  You probably won’t end up with something that is completely different, but the whole point of ‘custom built’ is to make it your own, so do that on the exterior, too.

Of course, the custom home builders themselves are always a huge factor for you to consider.  Look for a company that has experience building they types of houses you want, and has a proven track record and solid reputation within the industry.  Go take a look at a handful of the homes they have built and speak to the owners to find out if they are happy with the finished product and how the custom home builders handled themselves throughout the project.

An Introduction to Custom Home Builders Calgary

Custom home builders are in the business of making homes unique and different and personalizing them for their clients.  If you are a prospective homeowner who is having a home custom built, you will probably love the results but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask the builder a bunch of questions before he gets started.  Here are some of the most important ones.

1. How much experience do you have?

This is often the first question asked of custom home builders, as an inexperienced crew can really make a mess of things and cause huge problems for you.  Not only should you ask if they have experience, but if they have experience building the same style and size of home you are looking to build.

2. Who do I speak to?

With so many different services involved in a custom home build, trying to establish a primary point of contact can be frustrating.  No one likes being passed around from one person to the next when they have questions, so make sure you have a main go-to guy right from the start.

3. How much will it cost?

Price is always a factor and always a question where custom home building is concerned.  Naturally, you will have to find a company that’s within your budget, but don’t make the mistake of chasing the lowest possible price or you might end up with the lowest quality work.

4. What’s your quality control policy?

In all likelihood, you want to live in your house for years or even decades into the future, so make a point of asking about quality control measures at the start.  Find out what kinds of building materials and supplies they will be using and the procedures they will follow to ensure you will have a quality home for years to come.

5. What are my options?

Since it is a custom home you are building, ask what your options are in terms of customizing different elements of the house.  Not all custom home builders will offer the same kinds of options, so if you had some specific ones in mind it is wise to ask ahead of time.

6. How do I stay updated? 

A custom home builder isn’t a quick, week long process so you want to be sure that you can follow along with the progress and obtain a schedule of all the project completion deadlines.  It’s certainly not unheard of for a custom home build to fall behind schedule, so it’s important to know that your projected move-in date doesn’t change without your knowledge.

7. Can I speak to references?

References are always an important part of hiring custom home builders.  They will tell you if the quality of the home was up to par, if the builders were on schedule, if they acted professionally throughout the process and if they tacked on any extra costs at the end.  If your builder refuses to let you speak to references, take it as a sign he has something to hide.