Advances in Custom Home Design Exceed Expectations

When you have the chance to build your home from the ground up, you want to do it right. Home designs have come a long way in the last few decades, and today’s dream homes feature efficient layouts and cutting edge technology. The smart custom home design solutions are changing the way people live.

1. Improved Efficiency

“Waste” is a dirty word in home design today. Everything, from windows, to insulation, to light-bulbs, to heating and cooling systems, works efficiently to minimize waste. Not only do these improved products conserve the planet’s natural resources, but they also save homeowners a small fortune in utility expenses.

2. Green Materials

Many custom home designs are taking full advantage of the beautiful recycled materials that are available in today’s market. Recycled glass can be made into stunning counter-tops that are every bit as beautiful as granite or quartz. Custom cabinets, built-ins, and staircases can be made out of rustic, reclaimed wood. Materials like these are not only Eco-friendly, but they also add history and character to the space.

3. Automated Controls

Your newly-constructed home will not be your grandparent’s house. Light switches, faucets, and home security systems can be activated by a smart phone app in many newer, custom-built homes. This feature allows the homeowners to keep close tabs on their home no matter where they are. You can turn on the AC on your way home from work and have the stereo blaring your favorite tune as you walk in the door. You can even program the devices in your home to respond to voice commands. However, even if having a house that answers when you talk to it seems a bit creepy to you, these features will become more and more standard as everyone continues to be more and more dependent on technology. If you opt out of these features for yourself, make sure that your house is wired to allow for them in the future.

4. Modern Design

While efficiency still reigns supreme, the age of stark minimalism is fading. People like to have a strong connection between the kitchen and living areas, but an emerging trend is to define these two spaces with a decorative arch or columns. “Neutral” is no longer synonymous with “white.” Warm earth tones and soft blues and grays dominate the color palette of newer homes.

5. Custom Kitchen and Bath

The biggest splurges in custom design are in the kitchen and bathrooms. You can find a number of bells and whistles for these rooms in today’s market. There are steam showers, jet tubs, pull-out pantries, and knife blocks built in to the counter-tops. High-end fixtures and appliances are becoming standard for most custom homes.

Many exciting new advances are being made for today’s custom homes. If you want to have your dream home built, explore your options. Browse through photos on social media websites to see what other custom-built homes look like. You will be amazed at the smart custom designs you will find.